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Have you ever said, "No, not another meeting!", "That meeting was a waste of my time!", "I spend all day in meetings and do my real work after hours!", "When will we get our act together and run timely productive meetings!?"

Are these some of your meeting challenges? 

The meeting goes off track, starts late, goes over time, are a waste of time, there is no agenda, irrelevant agenda, agenda not followed, participants are 'difficult', people talk over each other, individuals dominate, emotional baggage is unloaded, there are no meeting guidelines or they're ignored, decisions aren't made, there's no action plan, lack of responsibility, lack of accountability, lack of reporting back, chaos or general frustration . . . 

JK Galbraith word’s "meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything." What does this cost you in time? Money? Resources?

What would better meetings save you
in time? Money? Resources?

With the help of Master Facilitator Yvonne Collier you can make your meetings efficient and effective. She will facilitate your meeting, your conference, your planning day . . .  so the right people are present and there is buy-in from the group. She guides the team to work collaboratively to generate great questions, ideas, insights, innovation and actions, the best processes are chosen, ideas are captures and prioritised, decisions are made and actions follow. 

Specifically Yvonne helps you:

  • clarify outcomes
  • provide structure
  • choose the methods / processes
  • facilitate the meeting
  • analyse the complexity
  • understand and honour diversity
  • generate ideas
  • build an environment of trust
  • understand and work with different behavioural styles
  • know when to let the process run
  • know when to get the group back on track

and Yvonne can

  • teach you how to do the process (es)
  • guide and mentor you

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