Facilitation that's effective and fun!

 Yvonne Collier facilitating a fabulous interactive 3 days with State managers, focusing on effective skills, minimizing conflict and a real team focus. Lots of fun and highly productive. An extra bonus Dean Collier was invited to give a deeper understanding of their individual needs, very accurate and uplifting.

“Two days of information, ideas, contacts and catch up with colleagues and friends  . . . networking, learning and insights  . . . and facilitated by Yvonne Collier of Maddison Training. Yvonne will assist in ensuring that we will remain energized, our creativity is enhanced, all our outcomes are achieved and that we have fun in the process. And we did it all!”

Yvonne Collier CSP facilitating 'convention wisdoms' for NSAA 1st timers just prior to the start of the National Speakers Association of Australian Annual convention in Surfers April 2010. The convention was up there with the best! Informative, inspiring, engaging, challenging, connecting and fun. 

Facilitating the learning. Yvonne’s specialized ‘Train the Trainer’ course enables your Subject Matter Experts to get the content/expertise ‘out of their heads’, develop a process for every bit of content and confidently deliver and rollout training modules. Expertise and IP stays within the company and is cascaded through the organization. The skills developed frequently lead to promotion to GM & MD levels creating room for internal promotions which minimizes recruitment costs and enhances the esprit de corps and the bottom line!

Yvonne has delivered this very successfully in Australia, Cambodia, China, Europe, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. 


Great questions. The aim is to start you thinking about your professional development. Where are you now? What's your history? What are your passions, values, personal strengths, anchors & drivers? Where do you want to go / to be? Let's explore . . . and Yvonne can help you get there. 


Yvonne Collier facilitating one of many wonderful 4 day interactive experiential workshops that brings your managers up to speed for best practice people management.


Fun interactive 3 days together to bond, upskill, unify the vision and create awesome teamwork and service for lasting results.