Hybrid Conferences

Create a live event with presenters, facilitators and a live audience AND open it to the world via the web with a highly competent techno team, a savvy planning team and skilled facilitators.

EventCamp Down Under 2012 Sunday 26th & Monday 27th of Feburary at IML’s offices at 60 Carrington Street in Sydney shows the way . . . and if you've never been to an Event Camp before, expect to explore what's new and exciting about event creation, event technology and event communities from the best speakers from around the world. The same can be done for any industry conference.


"The hybrid event a successful format that is growing in fequency and popularity around the world. It needs a professional interactive engaging facilitator to harness the techno team, the presenters and the responding learning experience.

Yvonne Collier your International Hybrid facilititaor at the fabulous 2012 EventCamp Down Under connects this live audience in Sydney and online around the world. With the best speakers presenting and interconnecting from Sydney, London, Washington and Auckland. This was a fabulous event."


"EventCamp DownUnder, a hybrid event,  provides an interactive environment with expert speakers, live collaboration and remote attendance to engage likeminded event professionals. 

Excellent facilitation from the amazing Craig Rispin, Josh Dry and Yvonne Collier, who collectively set some successful challenges for learning and networking during the event.

Let’s do more of this . . . when do you need a better way to meet?"

The techno team, the presenters, the audience and the right facilitators make it all happen.


  • The speakers on-site in Sydney had a half-hour slot each. The Pod and Remote speakers 20 minutes and each speaker was encouraged to include a question session and polling of the audience using the compact connector handsets. 
  • Questions were typed in using the querty key board and fed to the monitors along with the feeds fron the online audience. With the fabulous ‘techno men in black at the back’ the presentation, facilitation and flow was smooth and successful.
  • In line with ‘a better way to meet’ half hour scheduled ‘Unconference space’ allowed the pods and the live audience to engage in facilitated questions and discussions and allowed for the always valuable ‘corridor conversations’.


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