World Café

When you want to create lots of ideas around several key topics World Café is ideal.

AITD World Cafe

AITD members and guests discussing their chosen top 6 out of 18 L & D Myths in 3 rounds followed by table feedback and creation of summary sheet. Facilitated by Yvonne Collier. Stimulating, sharing, illuminating, productive . . . and fun. 

Create the environment and ambiance of an intimate and informal café with round tables covered in paper table cloths. 

The capture of ideas from the group are drawn on the paper table cloths using coloured pens.

Participants move in a structured way around the tables to share, build, and carry new ideas between tables.

Through questions and discussions that matter, issues and topics are explored and ideas summarised.

The process ends with a whole group conversation that moves forward with passion, enthusiasm and a real sense of possibility and action.

 Juanita Brown, David Isaacs and Eric E Vogt are the creators of World Café.

Yvonne Collier CSP, in the role of the facilitator sets the context, purpose, the situation and invitation. She creates the hospitable café atmosphere and guides the process, and flow of ideas, as people listen to each other, discuss, question and create, to find patterns and insights. The collective knowledge is made visible and the group generate insights and actions.