Handling meeting challenges #2 

Meeting challenge #2

Uneven participation

3 ideas to involve everyone:

a. Ask everyone in turn- round the room - for their input ( set a time limit eg. 1 minute each)

b. Ask specific individuals questions you know they can answer. Make it safe.

c. Say thank you and encourage contribution.

All work.

Try it and see.



Handling meeting challenges 

Challenge #1

People who arrive late for meetings

3 ideas:

a. Twice in my life I have been locked our of meetings because I was late!
    Two separate organisations - once each - and I was never late again for them!

Could you, will you try this? It works.

b. Start on time and continue.

    No recapping. No attention. Proceed.

c. Pick and publicise an 'odd' time to start.

   Instead of 9am use 8.53am.

   The odd time intrigues and it works. Try it today!

Give it a whirl, see how it can work for you and hear the applause.







"One either meets or one works . . . "

The late Peter Drucker, mangament guru famously said, " one either meets or one works . . . one cannot do both at the same time".  Why? Their meetings are poorly organised, the wrong people, the wrong processes, no decisions, no actions, no follow, no accountability  . . . .

Is that true for you? For many people that is their truth.

Everyday I hear people complain about their time being wasted at meetings. 

The good news is both are possible. One can meet and work effectively and efficiently, especially when you engage Yvonne Collier, CSP, to faciliate your meetings, show you how to run and participate effectively and teach you the skills to run the best meetings.

How would it be if people said, Yes, I'll be there.  And they'd know the meeting would start and finish on time. That everyone's voice and opinions would be listened to and heard. That decisions would be made respecting everyone's input. And even when there is healthy conflict and debate the decisions are accepted and actions and follow up are implemented with a united voice.

I'd love to help you achieve this. The results save you and your team time, money and resources. And the decisions and actions resulting from effective meetings make you and your organisation more effective in the use of everyone's time, resulting in more productivity and profit.

Call me today on +61 2 9904 3341 for a free first consultation.



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